Let’s face it. Cities need to be greener. We complain that they are dirty, noisy and expensive, and that there’s no easy solution. But there is! Green roofs provide cleaner water, cleaner air, and more insulation while also being relatively inexpensive and fun to install. But to make green roofs a part of the everyday urban fabric, we need a network of citizens not to only have green roofs, but to have the knowledge and skills to spread them.

Seeding the City is a public art project that asks: Why have just one roof with 1,000 square feet of green, when you can have 1,000 roofs with 1 square foot of green? (Or in this case, about 4 square feet and a flag!) The project is about POTENTIAL. Each installation is a seed of potential – potential for community action, potential for more green space, potential for change!

This project is the latest large-scale public art project by artist Eve S. Mosher.

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