All done now…

This summer has been a mixed blessing for the little sedum that I brought for the Festival for the New City, but after some care through the worst of the heat waves, they are doing awesome. I have to thin them out a little (I just put all of the leftover sedum in the trays I had) but they are super happy little plants.

I am done with the project, except for collecting photos from the participants at the festival and adding those to the site/map. But that’s it for me and Seeding the City. I managed to get about 60 sites around nyc (don’t know if I will get photos from all of them) and I hope that some of those sites continue to grow and thrive. I had about a dozen trays left from the various growing seasons and the festival, which I am hoping to donate to a local group. I will let you know when that happens also.

It has been an interesting project from which I have learned a lot (not the least of which was about green roofs!) and it wouldn’t be the project it is today without the help of the amazing Amanda Burr who project managed it from infancy to tween hood. But now it is time to say goodbye and move on to other amazing projects.

If you want to build your own green roof – the recipe and resources are here. If you want to stay in touch about upcoming projects, sign up for my mailing list here or become a fan of my FaceBook page.

sedum growing strong

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