The Green Roof Modules designed by Seeding the City are composed of:
1.    Containers: A series of 2’ by 1’ by 4” plastic trays
2.    Growing medium: a mixture of soil, sand, gravel and hydrorocks.
3.    Sedum: a hardy succulent plant, perfect for NYC rooftops.

These modules are multipliable to accommodate roofs of nearly any dimension.

Along with the modules, we also provide a Seeding the City flag, visible from rooftops & sidewalks as well as street level signage to alert passersby of your connection to green roof network.

If you have any ideas or questions regarding the modules, feel free to contact me at eve at seedingthecity dot org.

The Recipe for Seeding the City Modules

(modified from the Reclaimed House blog)

For each module:

  • 2 plastic growing trays, perforated – Greenhouse Megastore. (I use 2 because I have found that if you move the single trays too much they start to crack and break. If you are planting and not moving, single trays are fine.)
  • waterproof/root barrier (I have used plastic sheeting, but that really deteriorates over time, if you can get pond liner, that is a longer lasting barrier). You just need enough to go under the trays.
  • growing medium (per tray)
    1. 96-100 oz* hydroton or hydrorocks. Available at lots of hydroponic stores in NYC and beyond.
    2. 32 oz pea gravel
    3. 24 oz builder’s or mason’s sand
    4. 16 oz moisture control potting mix (I am talking to a hydroponic grower to come up with a better mix, I will let you know what I find). (I also use a little more soil when planting cuttings versus starters that have more root development).
    5. ozmocote fertilizer, a small sprinkling
  • a mixture of drought resistant low growing sedum. my current favorite provider is thegardensage on etsy.

After planting, the modules will need to be tended for a few months until established. After that they seem to do really well on their own except during extreme heat waves (even that mine seemed to survive! also the heaps of snow didn’t bother them too much.)