Growing the sedum

I had a great conversation with a local representative of LiveRoof green roof modules yesterday. The headquarters had been very receptive to the project and put me in touch with a local nursery to answer questions about some of the more technical details. They are actually interested in testing out a native seedum that they have on hand, and are very excited about getting it down to NYC – so StC may be a great way to test that! He and I are also going to do some research on other local plants that might grow well in all of 4″ of soil.

I also got a good response from GreenPaks, but we have not had an in-depth conversation. I will be curious to test out the two different systems to see what will work best!

Additionally, I met with the amazing Marni Horwitz from Alive Structures, which is a local (based in Long Island City) green roof, green wall and garden landscape and design group. They are really creative and interested in experimenting with the products (because green structures are still a young business there is a lot of room for innovation). They are testing new technologies (keeping all the resources local) and trying to include more variety in the plant types to create diversity. Definitely will be fun to see what they get up to in the coming year!

Start thinking about interesting ways that I can build audience for this project, I will be posting on that next 🙂

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