It’s about potential!

So the first installations went out today!!

The first one went to the amazing people at Georgia’s Place in Crown Heights. I will upload photos asap. My amazing project manager, Amanda, picked up the modules at Covenant House and brought them out to Crown Heights. They looked great – they are quite small but I realized during an interview that I did that this project is all about POTENTIAL.

Forming community networks that have the POTENTIAL to rally together to take on issues in their neighborhood.

Planting small green roof modules that have the POTENTIAL to become larger.

Given people an entry into urban environmental issues and remediation so they have the POTENTIAL to educate others or educate themselves further and speak about issues.

Given that, the little modules have a lot of POTENTIAL! (Hence the name, Seeding the City, it is about planting little seeds of ideas for people to act on). Wonderfully enough, at the first site, we talked about planning a Spring Planting Day where the residents will plant lots more green roof modules to install on their rooftop. (Maybe they will even make a few to give to their friends and neighbors to carry on the tradition!)

The second installation is at EcoArtSpace, where there will be modules on display for public viewing and information about the project. It is part of the “Down to Earth Show” – there is an opening on October 3rd, from 6-8pm (at 53 Mercer Street) and will be up through November.

Three more installations should happen over the weekend and early next week – I will keep you updated. The flags are also on their way! 


  1. Hi Dave! They can be seen from someone standing on the roof 🙂 But I think you are asking about the visibility from the street, and the answer is no – that’s why I am including the flags (which are visible from the street) to denote participation in the project. There are a whole host of reasons for having a green roof even when its not visible!

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