Join my green pyramid scheme*, part 1

I am officially announcing a call for first round participants for the Seeding the City green roof module installation.

If you are a New York City resident and interested in hosting a 2’x4′ green roof module, here is how you can participate:

  1. Contact me.
  2. I will provide you with information on urban environmental issues and the benefits of green roofs and technical information about the installation.
  3. I will set up a site visit to see your roof.
  4. If you do not own your building, we can jointly speak to your landlord, or you can contact your landlord for approval. I highly recommend participation from renters or people who live in co-ops and condos.
  5. If your roof is a selected site, you will find 2-3 other people in your neighborhood (preferably no more than about an 8-10 block radius), who are interested in the project.
  6. You will pass the contact information for these other interested parties on to me.
  7. I will schedule your installation! (They will begin in September).

Please note, Priority will be given to those in the following neighborhoods:

  • Bed-Stuy/Clinton Hil/N. Crown Heights,
  • Greenpoint/E. Williamsburg
  • South Bronx
  • Two Bridges/Lower East Side
  • Gowanus

And voila! You have a fabulous green roof module installed on your roof!

*Thanks to Steve Lambert for the term “green pyramid scheme.”

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  1. This Pyramid Scheme is brilliant! Great idea

    I would love to showcase your gardens on the World Map of Small Food Gardens at to show this as a model for other cities to duplicate

    Eve S

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