Test Plot Roof Needed

I am planning to plant a test site this spring, to test out different types of modular roof systems (sacks & trays) in different configurations (does just 1 do okay or does there need to be 2 or more modules) and different plants (seedum vs. native). In order to do that I will need a roof on which to grow these. There are a couple of caveats – 1) I need access to the rooftop on a weekly basis to check on the plants 2) I would like to be able to host a small launch party and potentially to show off the site to interested parties. Therefore a public space is best, but if you think you have the ideal site, let me know!


  1. Eve,

    On October 4th, 2007, I launched a similar program in Miami– except yours focuses on rooftops. Our Mayor opened the eco-art exhibit at the Miami Science Museum by planting the first native tree and green flag at the museum’s entrance. Citizens were to model the behaviour and plant “native flags” and saplings across their community to reclaim their land for nature. Thus far, more than 750 flags/saplings have been distributed.

    I see you are a NYFA sponsored artist on this project (as was I for a separate project on the North Pole). Would love to collaborate with you in developing a project with national appeal. I’ll be at our EXIT ART opening reception on March 15th. Let’s try to talk then or email me at [email protected],com.


    More info on the project below:

    Native Flags is an urban reforestation project presented by the Reclamation Project at the Miami Science Museum. Cortada developed it to help restore native habitats for plants and animals across our community.

    Participating residents are asked to plant one of 12 native tree saplings alongside the green project flag in their yard and state: “I hereby reclaim this land for nature.” (On the back of the flag, they invited to write things they commit to do to help our environment). The project’s conspicuous green flags serve as a catalyst for conversations with neighbors, who will be encouraged to join the effort to help rebuild our native tree canopy.

    Flags and saplings are available at the museum gift shop.

    To see the trees of the Native Flags project please visit Native Trees at the Museum of Science website: http://www.miamisci.org/www/trees.php

    To find out more information or participate visit http://www.nativeflags.net

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