Planting of test plots begins!

green roof plot

So lots of exciting news!

  1. I think I have found a roof! A friend of mine who lives nearby has a roof I can use for the 6 test plots we are doing. It’s a super secret location 😉 and I need to get an architect to check it out for me, but it is all looking really good!
  2. I spoke early this morning with my friend Jim, from Pride’s Corner, he is the local nursery for LiveRoof and will be planting the plugs and nurturing the modules for me. He will be starting my plots early next week. They get to live at the nursery for 3 months (ish) before coming to NYC.
  3. We decided that we would do half the plots with pure native seedum, and the other half will be a mix of native & non-native. (While I prefer the pure native, I also want to ensure that the plants will survive AND thrive, so we are testing them this winter).
  4. Jim is hosting some green roof installer training programs this month – I am going to attend one! (I think that is SUPER cool).

So all is going well and I am excited about the updates. I will see if I can get some pictures of the plots to post for all of us to see!

*I am doing 6 test plots because I will need to check the configuration for survivability. Usually the roofs are extensive enough that the plots will all provide a buffer for one another. I need to ensure that a single plot, or a grouping of two will do well.

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