Spring has Sprung!

With the beautiful weather that has descended upon NYC, we here at Seeding The City have been itching to get our fingers dirty. Over the weekend we planted some test modules with herbs (some that are good in sandy dry shallow soil – cuban oregano anyone?) and some that traditionally don’t do as well (rosemary?) — we are hopeful that at least some of these plants will thrive so that we can offer them over the fall.

Those of you who are on my general mailing list (if you aren’t already, sign up here: http://evemosher.com/gallery2/page/contact) know about the inventory loss that we suffered in February. Due to some mis-communication completely out of our control, half of our modules (they were awaiting spring installation) were thrown out. It is reported that the plants were replanted, so that is good – but it is a loss of a lot of materials, labor and the time that it took for them to get established. (The modules that we have still have mostly done really well – the sedum spreading and the grasses growing anew).

So… we are starting a fundraising campaign. We’ll be launching a campaign (complete with donor gifts) in a couple of weeks. This fundraiser will allow us to collect money to both continue the original network of green roofs as well as plan and produce workshops with communities around the city who are interested in either creating a green roof for their community (schools, institutional organizations) or hosting a green roof workshop day for their constituency (community organizations, neighborhood and block associations).

If you are a current proud host of a module, watch for an email soon, we want to come check on the plants and do a quick soil acid test to make sure everything is growing well!

As always, if you are interested in participating as an individual or if you think you might like to host a workshop – email me!

p.s. i will try to get some photos up of the herbs right away!

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